GPT-3 Microsoft Teams human-like chatbot

Hello everyone! I just wanted to ask, (if this would be interesting, or if you would use it at all)

A chatbot that uses Microsoft Teams and GPT-3 to make a friendly human conversation.
It is run locally on python. You could say “Hello!” and it would say “Hello, {name}” it will learn to know you and act like your friend. You can also make it whoever you want to be, for example “A little girl who hates everything that’s good for you”, or “A boy who is sweet and kind.”.

This is really just an integration with Microsoft Teams, to have a chat anywhere you are with GPT-3.
Need friends you got one!

Comment with your email, and operating system. And I will pick out a lot of lucky people to try this out. Completely free (Except you will need to provide to the program your GPT-3 API key (And you don’t have to worry about any code) if you have any questions, or any bugs. Thank you!


Q & A:
      How much will a conversation cost you in tokens?
         Anywhere from $0.05 to about $0.5
      Will is save the conversation?
         Yes it will
      Does this have a GUI to input settings, and statistics
          No, but if you guys like it so much, I will gladly add it

Thank you! :smiley_cat::smiley_cat:

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Pick Me! I wanna be your friend :slight_smile:
It’s very interesting your idea. I’m a teacher and I would like to implement a chat in Microsoft teams with AI.

Power automate + Teams + :


@NotJoshy do you like Minecraft Dungeon?

@joseicarobc Yes actually, I created a whole Minecraft mod for the game. Why did you ask?
Also good idea with Power Automate!

@cjuarez Email me at
I am busy with other people at the moment. I will get back to you soon. You probably won’t be interested as in you have to have your computer running at all times. And you can’t do anything else on that computer. This was just a little thing that I started. It’s main use is for messing around but It can be used for real purposes.

This is interesting. As a product manager in Microsoft, I handle the bots and augmentation for Teams. Do share the same with me, i am exploring chatgpt and teams integration.


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Very cool stuff, please share with me on this