GPT Telegram bot with long term memory

Hi fellas
I built a telegram bot this weekend, plugged in a database and semantic search into it.

  • ask it to remember something and it will do so.
  • every time you send a message it checks relevant messages in Pinecone
  • it also considers the chat history
  • it remembers stuff per-user cross-chat

Feel free to join the experiment here: Telegram: Join Group Chat


Very interesting work, mate!
Which library did you use, PTB?

I see it’s even using emojis in your case which is very intriguing.
You also come from this post right?

Does this solution solve the max token count issue?

Would really enjoy talking with you about it!

I used telegraf for the telegram bot api. No, I actually didn’t know about this forum existance until I googled it today :slight_smile: I just happened to deal with semantic search before, so it was obvious solution for me.

Would really enjoy talking with you about it!
You are welcome to join the group chat in telegram. THe bot is actually there. The link is in the original post above.

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Nice! Is it still alive? The old invite link has expired, can you send a new one?