Being charged despite no api key being used


Apparently something is costing me money…

but none of the api keys are being used recently…

I have no idea what’s going on, I would love to disable some api-keys in case they were exposed, but I don’t know which.

I would like to stop wasting money without knowing why, thanks lol.

P.S.: the 1 attachment per new user is bs.

Playground usage won’t show up on your image with the keys. You should contact OpenAI via and immediately change your password and rotate your API keys.

As @OnceAndTwice said, you can be charged for Playground usage. (The green looks like it could be connected with GPT-4) I would recommend canceling all API keys and contacting support immediately.

It might be this…

I’d reach out to if you’re concerned, though.


Thanks everyone for the quick response.

I think that thread is likely it.

Will contact support just in case tho.

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