API Usage & Billing Problems (Discrepancies)

A couple months ago, I thought my API Keys were exposed:

I deleted all of my keys and started fresh. That seemed to resolve the problem temporarily, but now it’s back and worse.

My dashboard shows my newly created keys have NEVER been used:

Yet I’m racking up API fees:

How is this possible? My API Key has “never been used” yet I’m flying past my API soft/hard usage limits.

At this point, I’ve stopped using the API completely because I’ve got no clue what I’m actually paying for yet I’m still accruing expenses. Has anyone else experienced this?

I think the Playground and Dalle uses API credit too? Is it possible someone has access to that?

Please see

Also ensure that you know and understand other users in your organisation (if any) and that you have no API keys in publicly available application, even if encrypted.

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I’d like to add… last used might not be updating since around Oct 5, 2023…