Question about charging and usage

I was just checking out Open AI apis and paid 5 USD in advance to buy some credits. After making API calls, I checked that I had consumed all of my credits but my usage chart kept going up. The usage graph says that I have spent 34.45 USD when in fact I had only bought 5 USD worth credits. How is this possible? Does that mean I have to pay 34.45 usd at the end of the month? Could this be a bug?

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How old is your account?

Newer accounts can only spend credits they’ve purchased.

When did you set-up the account? Did you leak a key maybe?

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My account is old but i never purchased any credits or used the api. I just bought the credits like a few hours ago and generated a key to use it. The question is why does usage graph show that i have spent 34.45 usd when in fact I had only bought 5 usd worth credits. I even removed my credit card info as soon as I bought the credits.

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The question is: Who’s sketchy site or app did you put your API key in to?

You need to find why the API is running amok- like create a new API key and cancel all the ones previously created.

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I was developing locally. I didn’t even push my code to github not to mention the fact that i had put the keys in a .env file and then .gitignore file was making sure it is untracked.

If a customer buys 5 USD worth credits, they shouldn’t be charged more than that right? That’s the real question

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Should be.

Screenshot without any personal identifying information?

If the account is old, you might be grandfathered into the old payment method which means you’ll be billed at the end of the month for the $34.45.

Sounds like you used them, not knowing you were on an ancient account with the old billing maybe?

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Here’s a screenshot.

Also, the API was not working after the 5 USD usage but the bar kept going up so if they do charge me, they won’t be charging me for the usage. After the 5 USD usage, it kept saying, insuffcient quota.