I'm being charged for tokens when I'm not even using the service - please help!

I haven’t been using any OpenAI related service in the past couple of days (to my knowledge) and for some reason my account is charging for tokens I’m not even using. I do not have any other members on my account. Any idea what’s going on? It’s still steadily increasing.

Delete your API key now and generate a new one here

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Also, set a usage limit, so that if your key does become compromised (which is that this appears to be), the service will cut-off at the limit cap. You can set a limit in your usage and payment account area.


I have read that some are scraping OpenAI keys from some sites.

Another one that I can think of is if you use your API Key in some unscrupulous web service.

Like what the others said, delete your API keys now.

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