API billing problem - costs increasing without using

Hi there,
I have an odd problem. On March 15 I used the gpt4 turbo API. And ever since the costs for that day continue to increase even though the day is in the past.

Screenshot from 9:07:22 on march 19th (yesterday) my cost was $219.85

screenshot at 9:07:38 (yesterday)

this concerned me so i deleted all of my keys but even after deleting them the cost has still increased over $60 since yesterday !

Has anyone had this issue and if so how was it resolved ? Obviously I submitted a case to openai but no response.

The usage can take a while to be added to the graph.

Your key could have been compromised by the way you were using it, and then the determined hacking groups that make a habit of picking off poor code in apps and bait you apps and extensions and websites to put keys in did a massive amount of abuse usage still trickling in to the graph.

Generating a new API key and killing all others should take effect within 5-30 minutes max – unless your account itself is also compromised and someone is spying on your terminal or has added themselves to the organization members.

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