I get a "Not authorized for account error" when trying to verify my domain

I am on a paid plan and when I go to my settings and the builder profile I click to verify my domain. I put the domain in with no WWW (was told not to use it) a red box pops up and says not authorized for account.

Can someone tell me what that is and how to fix it?


I have the same. It was working but would not let me turn it on. Now its gone and I can not add to the account. All GPTs are not longer published…


Same issue. Trying to verify domain name and seeing the error:

“Not authorized for account”


I have the same problem. Just that the reb box pop up sometimes say the same and sometimes say: “Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at help.openai.com.”


same to me.
Is my domain (discoverprofile) blocked?


I have the same issue as above. My paid account is through an Apple subscription, not directly to OpenAI. I’m not sure if that’s relevant.


My domain disappeared from my personal account after team upgrade along with all GPTs I made. When trying to re-add my domain I get the error.

“DNS conflict, another org already owns this domain”

Had to add subdomain to resolve for the time being.

No updates from support, been like this almost a week.


Same problem, my many users and I have encountered this issue.


Same problem. This is a key feature. I want to publish GPTs with my company’s domain and not my name.


Same issue here, seems like a bug with latest deployment?

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Same problem, the info of my domain also disappear on gptstore.ai creator

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Still getting the error. Is it a general bug, or account-specific?

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Same here
Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 12.07.38 PM

No workarround found yet.

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Same here. Maybe they disabled the option as a temporary measure?

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Same issue here. Changed nothing in my GPT, but can´t add my new domain now :frowning:

Same issue for me, new customgpt while trying to add my domain

Same issue here. It was verified on my personal plus account. Then, the domain moved to unverified. So I upgraded to teams thinking that may be the reason. It won’t even let me add my domain now.

Yeah, I am experiencing the same issue. Looking to put my public domain up, not show personal info.

I have the same problem here too with same error message when I try to add domain.

Almost a week later and still waiting for an update from OpenAI here.

Team upgrade caused GPTs missing from my account along with the verified domain.

Issues re-adding.

For others experiencing the same, a temporary fix is adding sub domain with TXT record. For editing GPTs missing from your list, manually changing the GPT ID in the editor url seems to work for now.