Assistance Required - ChatGPT Plugin Error

Dear OpenAI Support Team,

I am experiencing an issue with the ChatGPT 4 plugin in my Pro account. Every time I attempt to use a plugin and execute a command, I encounter an error message stating “Oops, an error occurred!” This issue persists despite having a stable internet connection and following standard troubleshooting steps.

Could you please assist me in resolving this issue? Your prompt response and support would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help.

Hi, also a user here and good to know that someone else is experiencing the same issue. Same for me - I keep getting the error message as well. Also have noticed that the plugins are now a sep. column - you can select between ChatGpt4, Chatgpt 3,5 and Plug-Ins…with the regular ChatGPT4 it does not activate the plugins anymore like it used to and when I click on Plugin I keep getting the same error message as you describe. Were you able to resolve your issue?

Hello - me again. I just found a solution for me - perhaps it helps you too. Try un-installing all plugins and then re-install. I also logged out and back in again. Now it works again. I think un-installing the plugins and re-installing did the trick. Try that. :slight_smile: