Cannot run new and access previous chats with certain plugins

Dear All,

Since today I did run into this issue. It pertains to newly created chats and the past chats to which due to the issue I lost access. And I also cannot delete those to which I lose access because when I click on them the error occurs “Oops, an error occurred! Try again”, and nothing happens after that and trying again.

The features of those chats. I used GPT-4 with - as far as I can identify now - at least two sets/categories of plugins: (1) Wolfram (which alone, as the only one enabled plugin, works) + (2) plugins related to reading from PDF like AskYourPDF, ChatWithPDF or Ai PDF (which alone seemed to work well).

So e.g. if only Wolfram was enabled I can access the past chats and the newly created chats. But when I used Wolfram + e.g. ChatWithPDF then after chatting I cannot access nor delete that kind of chat because the pervasive “Oops, an error occurred! Try again” error occurs; the URL of the faulty chat, while I am seeing the flashed error, stays as it was.

Please help. Also because testing the combination of (1) + (2) creates faulty chats which I cannot delete, so they kind of pollute the space.

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I am having the same issue but with different plugins - did you manage to fix it? I have raised with support but not heard back