Create GPT not available for me

Hey, I’m ChatGPT Plus user and I see others already having access to “Create a GPT” Functionality, while it says it will come in weeks.

Why do others have access to it and some not?

This is extremely unfair, as it gives the people that have access to it a competitive advantage to develop GPT’s.

What can we do to gain access too?

Thanks in advance!


Im struggling with the same as well. Still using the old chat gbt interface even

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Same here. I’m disappointed :frowning:

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Same here. I literally paid for Plus this morning just so I could access this feature, and of course that didn’t work ):

Is the Create GPT system down? Same here, cant access. So frustrating. Glad to know Im not the only one. I will stop wasting my time trying to figure it out for now.

same here. Is there an Estimated Time? What a weird announcement they made.

Historically rollouts are very wonky, and communication is kept at a bare minimum. Somehow, the best channel for information is the site previously known as Twitter.

Nothing to do but hope for the best, and not get caught in limbo.

I’m also still waiting, I was given access for ~15 minutes. Was working on the profile picture of my first GPT and then was locked out again. A freaking tease.

The saving grace (for me) is that the GPT marketplace isn’t out yet.

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I’m not criticising, but it is frustrating when many members including myself has been paying since the very early days I still haven’t got it either. There should be an element of loyalty to a roll out.

I was able to create my first GPT a few hours ago. Its working now, it if was not earlier.

My Supply Chain Analyst GPT

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I’ve toyed around a lot (too much) creating a GPT. Here is what I found the hard way:

  • Say you spend a long time fine tuning a GPT. You launch it, you try it and want to go back to edit functions and give it more prompts. It DOESN’T REMEMBER any of your previous prompts, except for the very basic/obvious functionality of the GPT. In essence, this lack of remembering how you got to the current version renders any future edits as complete overrides of your previous (and unseen to this new chat session) instructions. You will not figure this out until you hit enter and see all of your previous work pretty much gone, down to the description of your GPT and even your GPT profile image.

  • The capacity for this tool to be amazing is there, but without having the capacity to create logs of past versions, it is a waste of time (unless you reach perfection on first version). Definitely do not invest too long on it, unless you can really plan everything you need the GPT to do (and I mean everything).

Frankly, it’s just a fun game for now. I hope someone in that development team reads this, because all that PR hoopla they created when they launched this tool needs to be backed up by basic functionality required to make functional GPTs using this in-chat model. Until then, don’t invest too much time on it.

Also, what’s up with paying users being rationed GPT4 usage? That’s nuts.
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