APIs stopped working due to the sudden change from Monthly to prepaid

Hi there,

We have been a paid user for a long time, and starting yesterday morning, all our API requests are getting the RateLimit Error: You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details. We are way below our monthly usage and we haven’t been putting any load on the APIs, so. we are way below tpm, rpm, and rpd.

Seems openai changed us from monthly to prepaid plan. We already had a few thousand used in the month of August, and now we have to prepay our account. We won’t be able to use the APIs until we pay all the usage. And there’s also a limit on the number of $50 payments we can do right now. It will take us weeks before we’re able to pay what we owe.

Anyone face a similar problem?

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Is your usage inline with what you expect?

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Yes! Our usage is way below the limit.

Same issue over here on my end. What country are you in?

We are based in North America. Pretty much the same issue. We’re way below the usage quota, and still get RateLimitError.

Hi folks. Your accounts may have been impacted by a delay in purchased credits being processed by our billing provider. We’re working with them to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Most accounts should be fixed now – can you try your API requests again?