How to solve API error of rate limit, Official Help not work!

Hello everyone,
I have a question regarding an issue we are encountering with our laboratory’s OpenAI API usage. We are receiving an error 429.

Since April, we have not utilized the API, and the usage shown in our account interface indicates that no amount has been used this month.
But our program and the same API key were functioning normally from January to March. It’s unlikely that there have been any major changes with OpenAI recently.

At present, we are also unable to access OpenAI’s Playground and Assistant interfaces, with the message stating, “You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.” For more information on this error, you can read the documentation here:

I’m uncertain about what might be causing this issue. I’ve reached out to OpenAI support through the Help section, but the responses have not been helpful.

Thank you all for your assistance.

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It is quite likely there has been a major change with OpenAI recently.

Account that were billed monthly at the end of the month have been converted to a requirement to pre-purchase API credits.

As the message says, check your plan and billing details in your account. In account overview, if it says “credit balance $0.00” instead of a monthly bill, you’ve found your problem, and thus would need to proceed to adding a valid payment method and purchasing credits before use.

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