API Termination after two questions by me

Hello, please my API key was deactivated just now. I am the only one using I on a test application and simple questions asked was on:

  1. Create a table of 5 food names and calories
  2. Akure city.
    But I got deactivated immediatel

    Please healp.
    I am new to openai and I have implemented mediations today. Kindly help. Thanks so much.

After a thorough investigation, we have determined that you or a member of your
organization are using the OpenAI API in ways that violate our policies.

Due to this breach we are halting access to the API immediately for the organization.

Have you accidentally leaked the key? Maybe something you said got counted as a curse word? Try submitting a report to help.openai.com

So difficult for me to even understand how or why. Am the only one using it.

It is very odd especially with you using it only a few times. You can create a new one if you need to continue working.

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What app are you using in the screenshot? It could be related to that. Banned app?

Doesn’t look like you are doing a pure API call here.

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Not a banned app. it is a new app under development, but yet to know why.

If no banned app, no key leakage … the last thing I can think of is banned country?


Did you write the code and the code is running on your own system?

Or did you plug the API key into some app on a phone pretending to be a chatgpt lookalike, a violation of the policy on transferring keys to third parties?


I got a mail from openai that my account is active with no issue but yet no access, it saying API deactivated, I cant see any API key or see my usage.

Keys will be auto-deleted by a “leak detector” system. This can also mean putting them into fingerprinted apps where keys can get exploited.

Don’t do what you are doing.

Thanks Boss.
I really appreciate your response.

Please I got a mail again from openai, reconfirming again that my account is active and with no issue.
But I cant access anything (usage, API Keys, no chat).

Please can I create another API Key (my two API keys have disappear(image attached), telling me to create like I just started.

Thanks again

That message regarding your OpenAI account means that your account has been removed, usually for a violation of the Terms of Service, you will need to reach out to help.openai.com and use the support bot to request more information.

You should look into your account, under the category organization members.

There should be only you, as owner. Nobody else you haven’t invited.

If you leak your password, someone can go in, invite themselves to your account, take over and demote you to “reader”, and then you can’t even see your own billing screens and they can keep on billing to your account.

Logout of the account and close browser windows. Go back and see if you are even able to log in and use ChatGPT at chat.openai.com. Then you can try creating new API keys, and use API access just in platform.openai.com playground, and not jailbreak apps found in an app store that promise to let you talk to an AI waifu or whatever.

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Hello Everyone,
Thanks for helping a new person to this system like me.
I finally got a confirmation from openai yesterday that my account is deactivated due to violation of policy. I checked both the usage policy and terms of use many times, but got confused not to see any that could have been violated.
I apologized to this as reply mail and stating for help to be able to identify the exact aspect of concern for immediate correction.

Please house, anything to do again?

Thanks Everyone.

The policy is “you will not…transfer API keys (to third-parties) without our prior consent”

A rule broken by putting API keys into untrustworthy and unwanted apps that OpenAI knows about, apps known for encouraging disallowed usages, and potentially stealing keys and causing fraudulent charges.

“We may suspend your access to the Services if you do not comply with these Terms, if your use poses a security risk to us or any third party, or if we suspect that your use is fraudulent or could subject us or any third party to liability.”

You can appeal based on your education that you now won’t be putting your API key into unknown services.

Ok. Now I understand that I need to inform openai about my App before using the API key in my app.
Please how do I go about this?

This was an app completely developed by yourself and using original code? Not found on the internet and possibly with a back door?

Truly nothing that if they pulled up your API inputs and outputs they would find objectionable.

Then you should be able to make your case to a support agent via help.openai.com for reinstatement.

Yes. Its purely my app, and its a very new app just completed few weeks ago. This is the first thing connecting me to openai Api.

Make sure that the server requests originate from an account that has been set up in accordance with the TOS.

For example if you live in India and the TOS says its only in the United States. And then you use a Google Phone number to try and verify your number masquerading as if you lived in the US when you do not. That might be part of the issue.