Access had been terminated


I got an email that my access has been terminated I ‘used open Ai in a way that violates your policies’. I looked at your policy and I didn’t violate anything, I don’t think. Is this a mistake? If it is please let me know as I want to be able to chat again. Please HELP me…

Email received:

We have determined that you or a member of your organization are using the OpenAI API in ways that violate our policies.
Due to this breach, we are halting access to the API immediately for the organization’s Personal. Common reasons for breach include violations of our usage policies or accessing the API from an unsupported location. You may also wish to review our Terms of Use.
If you believe this is in error and would like to appeal, please contact us through our help center. We will review appeals as soon as possible and will contact you if we reinstate access to the API.
The OpenAI team

The help center they discuss is at, (although an account also has “help” in the menu at The method to contact is via the interactive agent icon at lower right, and send messages.

Putting your API key into other sites or apps for that “chat” can be the reason, they may use undesired jailbreak-like prompts that have been fingerprinted by OpenAI, or indeed your access can be seen as bouncing between countries.

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Were you using VPNs? Another user here on the forum reported that he was banned for this reason.

A no… It’s expensive for me. I am a student and neeeeed CHAT GPT.