Api reponse is sending a custom link format

When using any ChatGPT 4 model to return a website link, the link format is always (link)[link] which may be optimized for chatgpt website for hyperlinks but is completely irrelevant in case of using the API in an external platform. I am able to tell him in the prompt to not behave this way but still it is not 100% consistent. Is there any way to reach support about it, or to bypass it in any way

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It’s unfortunately a reality with models that have been custom made for chatgpt.

IMO the easiest and most stable way to deal with this with these models is to allow it to happen and just post process the data with regex.


yes we know it is feasible but the check will have to be enabled on every message

Unless you’re sending the complete response object (big no-no) you should already be performing work on each message. Using regex to strip the markdown URLs is the best way to go.


chatGPT sends its responses in the markdown format. Markdown | Links | Codecademy
So you could use a markdown converter script in whatever language you like.