Will not produce <a>Hyperlinks</a> anymore with 0613 update

I have a chatbot that through system messages would wrap links with Link
Starting today with the 0613 update, now they come out like this link every time. The model is obviously been changed to format this way, and resists any nudging to wrap in a tags. Not happy.

Is there a way to get this to just spit out an a tag like I had it working? I’d rather not have to parse this clientside, especially since I use streaming.

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This will not fix your problem in the short term or even near term, but possibly in the long term.


OpenAI Evals, our framework for automated evaluation of AI model performance, to allow anyone to report shortcomings in our models to help guide further improvements.


Note: I have not created any evals or even sure if this is the right path to help you get a solution, but it is something I would consider for such problems.

I also would suspect that it would pay to be proactive with evals instead of reacting after the fact. YMMV. :blush:

They made 0613 significantly less intelligent, so, this is what we’re stuck with now and there’s no way around it. We’ve been talking about this is Discord since it was released.

You can try markdown and convert the result to html.

This also works with streaming. It just needs to convert and write the full prompt each time, as Markdown can be interrupted by streaming until it’s fully output. Sometimes you can also see this in ChatGPT.

Thanks for the nudge. This wasn’t too bad to work around. At least the model is being VERY CONSISTENT outputing the markdown. A regex like this was very simple to implement on the message at each stream delta

formatLinks(text) {
            // Convert Markdown-style image tags to HTML <img> tags
            text = text.replace(/!\[([^\]]+)\]\(([^)]+)\)/g, '<img src="$2" alt="$1">')

            // Convert Markdown-style links to HTML <a> tags
            text = text.replace(/\[([^\]]+)\]\(([^)]+)\)/g, '<a href="$2">$1</a>')        
        return text

And yeah, it looks just like when ChatGPT does the same thing.


Great solution. Yes. Go with the flow :man_surfing: