Hyperlinks in CustomGPT not working


I have a CustomGPT where I’m showing an image and a link to the user.
However no matter what I try I can’t get links to work.

I’m using markdown and I’m inserting the URL directly from my API response. Both text and image never become clickable.

If I inspect, I can only see <a target="_new">My Text or <img></a> but there is never an href value associated with it.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?


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This is a security feature. Model generated links are not clickable.

Okay so the only way is to put links in the instructions directly?
Is there any kind of docs or best practice around this?

FYI when asking ActionsGPT about this it says to whitelist the URLs in the YAML docs under servers.

On CanvaGPT the links seem to be dynamic?

I’m not a developer. I’m trying to make a GPT that searches job postings and displays a link but it just displays as blue text that is not clickable. And even though I ask it to display the full naked URL it won’t do it.

I can live without a clickable link but how do I force ChatGPT to show me just the URL?

They are, however, clickable in the ChatGPT app.
Why not make users aware of this issue when they create a custom GPT? This would save a lot of time and frustration.

As this issue has been persistent for over six months, is it safe to assume that the issue of unclickable hyperlinks has no priority in being resolved?

It is resolved. This is a feature, not a bug.