Chat GPT not giving links


i’m using openiAI api and working fine but, not sure why suddenly getting response from api with markdown link like, (,),[,]. also some time when come to provide a link, bot answer “i’m AI assistant i don’t have access to give direct link.”!!!

i’m not doing any changed and not change context too. same configuration like before when it giving link correctly.
i’m using GPT3.5 trubo
Thank you

Hi antiqrev

Give it some time and then try again and see if the error persists. The api sometimes goes through these phases where it ‘glitches’ out, atleast for me and works perfectly after a while.

If that’s not the case, maybe share your function call so that everyone here can have a look and help sort out your problem

i have already tried by waiting it’s still same.
And i’m using Aipower GPT plugin. they confirm me they don’t have access for botresponse.
What can i do?
Thank you

Welcome to the developer forum.

Note that your chosen category and title are not correct, and will result in decreased visibility. The API is distinctly not ChatGPT (which is the AI chat website).

First, lets have AI make your issues more discoverable:

“I have been using the OpenAI API, and it was working fine. However, recently, I started receiving responses from the API that contain markdown-like links in the form of (,),[,]. Additionally, when I ask the bot to provide a link, it responds with ‘I’m an AI assistant; I don’t have access to give direct links.’ I haven’t made any changes to my setup or context. Everything is the same as before when the API was providing links correctly. I am using GPT-3.5-turbo. Thank you for your assistance in understanding and resolving this issue.”

And we can see it already recognizes what’s going on - markdown generation instead of presenting the direct URL.

OpenAI will continue retraining and altering qualities of the API’s chat interface as they see fit. You need to make your commands very robust to resist the worst future alterations they might do to further degrade the reasoning.

If the language you used to prompt the AI was barely working before, a shift in performance could make it barely not working.

The markdown output is understood by the AI pre-tuning as the type of preferred output for URLs that appear within language. The ChatGPT web site that uses the same engine will turn these into HTML links.

You can do things to instruct the AI in your system role prompt, telling the API:

  • “You are providing information directly to our program’s backend processor, therefore markdown format is to be avoided. Give me just the text of URLs without enclosing them within markdown.”
  • "You have the capability to inform the user of direct http web links and URLs, when you have reason to believe you know the URL.

There are safeguards to prevent “hallucinations”. An AI will often just fabricate answers if it doesn’t truly know, so asking for a “good web site to buy moon rockets” can often result in something that is complete nonsense.