Account keeps resetting or changing(?) (credits, payment methods, invoices etc.)

Hi there! I have a problem regarding my OpenAI Account. My account is 2 years old and I used it a lot since then every month. I have it since November 2021. (That’s the first time i have created an API key)

Now, the problem startet before 2 weeks, when my credit card payment method got removed and I couldn’t use the API. Well I thought it was because OpenAI changed from monthly-payment to fund-payment you have to pay before using it. (filling the credits)

Well, I did that. But not with my credit card I used since 2021, because it keeps being rejected by openAI. Ok, so I used another Credit Card to fund the account with 100$. And it worked.

But I am currently on vacation so I didn’t use much of it since then. Now, today, I wanted to use the API again, but to my suprise, the 100$ is no there. Usage page shows no usage. The payment method is removed also.

But I have the emails that I funded the account.

Does anybody know what is happening here?

When I click on the the link in the email it says “Could not access the organization specified in the URL” ? So did OpenAI just change my organization? And by doing so removing all my credits? That just can’t be right, right? Strangely, when I go to the API keys, all my created API keys are still there.

I contacted the support of course. But it says 7 days response time.

Kind regards

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

I understand it’s frustrating to be unable to progress with your account issue, unfortunately the developer forum is not able to influence or make changes to users accounts, we are all users like yourself. Response times for support queries have been getting steadily better recently so hopefully you won’t have too long to wait.