How can I cut off any API usage and stop the rising costs?

Hi all!

I assume one of our API keys got leaked and since yesterday, someone burned through $1k of cost on our account. As a start-up, that really sucks. We still don’t know where or how, as we tend to be very conscious about that.

Anyways, we deleted all of our API keys and changed all the passwords. Usage now stays the same, i.e. is not increasing, but the cost on Usage is still going up by the minute. We know that there is a 5 minutes delay, but the Monthly Bill just keeps climbing continiouly for over an hour now. We are really scared.

Support has not replied in over 2 hours. Maybe anyone here can help us or provide some easing info?

All the best!

That’s of course absolutely annoying. Given you have revoked all available APIs, there should be a record of this in the back-end and I’m sure that there will be a solution for any additional cost that have occured after this cut-off.

No guarantees of course but this would be my take on the situation.

Best of luck!