Anyone else experiencing a huge surge in charge

I was just notified that OpenAI charged me a huge amount (83.67USD) today. Absolutely sure I did not use that much of API. The API webpage is currently down for some reason I can’t even check where the heck did the cost come from. Anyone else experiencing similar issue?

Is your API key in any products that are publicly accessible?

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Hi @zhan1130 - Once mid last year I experienced a similar situation where there was an unexplained use of my API resulting in extra charges. I immediately deleted / replaced the API key as well as reached out to OpenAI support to flag the matter. After they reviewed the issue, I received a refund. In other words, it might be worth getting in touch with and explain the issue to them.

On reading your message, I checked my current API charges. Usage page worked well for me and charges were at normal levels.

I hope this gets resolved!

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I might have leaked it through chatGPT while using it to correct my code…

Something seems to have changed from yesterday. I have two named keys whose usage I can see under activity along with Playground stuff, yet this “Untracked” is showing up. All my keys are tracked. Do you guys see “Untracked” too?

You’re fine typing your key into ChatGPT, that is not an area for concern.

Have you been trying the assistants API?

Nope. But to play safe I have deleted all my old API keys and I’ll following jr.2509’s advice and see how it goes. Thank you all for the inputs!

not very sure about that but I think after APIs created after 20 Dec 2023 are all tracked by default

I’m putting this here in case somebody else comes across with this query. I think the reason for “Untracked” still showing up is that I enabled tracking on the two API keys sometime from the time I started using those.

As a result, the initial usage went under Untracked. Once I enabled tracking, the usage now gets tracked under the respective names. What’s happening, though is that the older untracked usage still shows up in that chart and its appears that there is still some “untracked” usage (which is not the case)