Anyone Else Facing GPT4 Browse with Bing Feature Not Showing Up?

Is the GPT4 Browse with Bing feature no longer visible? In the past, when I used GPT4 for searching, there would be a display indicating it was searching the web. Now I can’t see the prompt showing it’s searching the web. I currently can’t tell if the feature is not working or simply not displaying. Has anyone encountered a similar issue?


Issue? Or just by design? Let the AI pretend it is smarter transparently by regurgitating search results like a search engine or by playing along.

Poor quality output though, with a “regurgitate what you said” injection to start, you can set your sights on a general expectation now of plausible hallucination without denial, or “you can click on the URL” if you give it a URL.

I propose a separate agent that determines the need for web search on user input, does all the searching, assembles results into a cached database, does ranking on them, and injects into AI context cohesive knowledge before a single token is made by ChatGPT. This I give you:

RAGWEED - Retrieval-Augmented Generation Web Enhanced Embeddings Database

Before it was removed I saw the AI Agent being doing pretty convincing guesses based on the URL itself and the context and all… Removing the spinner permits the AI Agent to decide when to do what… Asking for something impossible to know without browsing would be a tie breaker… I did also experienced instant long answers after browsing something the answer pops so quickly that it must have been super optimized this seems to be when the information have really been fetched…

I hope that some sort of caching can occur when you have more than 100 millions active users per week I hope some clever way to fetch and pre process information in advance and adapt it or adjust it when the question is asked and the browser return a same unchanged page already visited…

In any case you can now give also an optimized feedback including telling that the agent was lazy…