Why openai charges me for $6, but I just use less than $1 for API usage

Do anyone know why this happen? Any advice would appreciated.

Could anyone else be using your API KEY? I would delete the current api keys and generate new ones.

No, I didn’t share with anyone, and the usage is very little (less than $1) in the picture, It’s weird

Just came on to mention the same thing. I track my own tokens and have pretty secure habits. All of my accounts have different passwords, don’t use password manager, etc. I’m not getting overcharged I don’t think but there are odd charges and uses randomly at times I know I am not awake. It seems to be charges a little bit after my usage of the API. Maybe like post processing or something.

Seems like there are quite a few ADA embedding checks in the middle of the night (probably about 1-4 hours after I go to sleep). No clue why this is happening. If OpenAI is trying to be transparent, I understand, but I’d rather it just be labeled as “Moderation” or “Training” fees, or whatever it is doing in the background. Seeing such high usage when I know im not using anythign close to that is just concerning. I’ve created a fresh key just in case, but would like some more information on it.

Would be nice to get some answers, I have used both Semantic Kernel, Langchain, and Pinecone, and if one of them is being sneaky and using my key (doubtful it is Semantic Kernel) or they are leaking this information between users by accident, that will really piss me off. So the faster I can get some answers the better. I’m hand rolling my own library and services anyways, so I’ll stop using them for now, but eventually, I’ll need to use them again for other clients and such and I would rather know if this is an OpenAI problem or insecure libraries and vendors. Thanks.

Disregard this, I just notice this is not the local time and the local time is actually in tiny less contrasted letters. Those are about the right times I am working, but the ada usage is still way off for anything that I have done.

Thanks for you advice, I use a different password too, :slight_smile: And I just use this API for a week for learning, and I check my api usage by date as shown in your picture, there are just about 15 request total, there is no a lot request like in your picture, I think your key probably get by others, you can try to revoke all your old key set a new key. I want know like, your usage is $3.49 now, how does openai charge you? when your usage reaches to $10, for example, or other amount? Thanks,

Are you using any other services, whisper, dall-e, embeddings? Are you using any 3rd party sites? any huggingface?

No, I just use it for GPT, and the model is gpt-3.5-turbo, the endpoint is : https://api.openai.com/v1/chat/completions

Have you actually been charged 6$ from your bank? If so you should have a corresponding invoice that you can look at to see where the charges were generated.

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Thanks for reminding, I checked my bank, it says OPENAI gives me $6.8, not charges me, It’s more weird now,

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Ok :smile: see if you get some more next month!

hahaha, I would be very happy to use openai

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I have not been so lucky. I have seen over USD 100 in charges on my credit card even though I have a hard limit that is well below this. Now I have been told that my usage limit for my organisation is USD 600! I didn’t ask for the limit to be increased.

Have rotated my keys (didn’t even copy them from openAI) and tried to cancel my account. Account will only close at the end of the month.

I have reached out to support. no answer yet.