AI won't generate answer: Network Error and Request Not Allowed

Today, ChatGPT refuse or unable to generate any answer for my prompts. The app then showed me a pop up which reads “Network Error. Please check your connection and try again.” just like the screenshot attached to this post. My internet connection (mobile data) works just fine, I tried to run some heavy task and it worked perfectly like always. But just to make sure, I switched my connection to available Wi-Fi but the problem still persist.

After that, I remember that I’ve not yet updated the app since last month so I checked the app store for newest update. I updated the app thinking that my problem will finally be solved but no. The same pop up message still shows up. On top of that, though I still logged in with my account, all of my chat history won’t appear and another message popped up. It said “Request is not allowed. Please try again later.”. I did not activate the auto delete chat option.

Did I just got banned? I only use Chat to assist me with my grammar, math problem, and to discuss literature. There are also no other indication or notification to prove that it was what happened. Was it just some bugs? Is there anyway I could fix this problem ASAP? I am no expert in this kind of thing, just a casual user. Please help me out and thank you!

Update 07/09/23: The problem has not been resolved. I’m unable to use ChatGPT at all.

Update 23/09/23: Issues fixed after the newest update. I’m able to use ChatGPT normally again.

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Same thing happening to me for the last week. I’m not sure what is triggering this behaviour.

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