Critical Bug with GPTs with Actions in the ChatGPT App

I want to share the results of a mini-investigation about a critical bug concerning GPTs with Actions used through the ChatGPT app on Android OS.

From around May 2nd to May 3rd, some users of the ChatGPT app on Android have experienced a critical bug in all GPTs that have Actions. Based on conversations with my acquaintances who are ChatGPT Plus subscribers and have the ChatGPT app on Android, this bug has affected about 50% of my contacts who are ChatGPT Plus subscribers of the ChatGPT app on Android. However, my sample size is very small, so this figure may be quite inaccurate.

Interestingly, this bug does not occur in the browser version of ChatGPT. This critical bug appeared after May 2nd to 3rd following when was showing “elevated errors on ChatGPT.” From observations, this bug is not related to the APIs with which the GPTs interact, nor is it related to the instructions for the GPTs, as the APIs and instructions for most GPTs did not change drastically on May 2nd or 3rd for all GPTs. So it seems like these are some uncorrected consequences of how last May 2nd to 3rd, ChatGPT experienced elevated errors.

It’s strange that shows that everything is normal, yet possibly nearly half of the users of the ChatGPT app on Android are unable to use GPTs which have actions for interactions with APIs.
That is, GPTs successfully interact with APIs, but since last May 2nd to 3rd, they have been hallucinating after interaction, always starting with something like:

I currently don’t have {name_of_capabilities} capabilities.

I described this post in case OpenAI is not yet aware of this critical bug.

Since I expected the bug to be fixed within a day or two, and over three days have passed without any change, I decided to open this thread. I couldn’t find any mentions of this bug on forums, yet it significantly affects the entire impression of the GPT Store.

Do you know any ChatGPT Plus subscribers who have encountered such a bug in the ChatGPT app on Android? I still do not have information about the ChatGPT app on iOS, do you know of any cases of such a bug on iOS?

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This is not an issue with OpenAI’s services; it is an issue with the makers of the GPTs. Whoever created these GPTs needs to modify their instructions so that they work. OpenAI may have switched out which model ChatGPT used, which changed how it processes and understands instructions.

You can reach out to the creator of whichever GPT you are using by clicking Review GPT:
Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 11.29.11 AM
Then you can add a message to be sent to the creator in the box below:
Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 11.29.24 AM

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AI Actions are still in Alpha and Beta stages, and technologically speaking, are brand spanking new and likely to have a long road of updates and bugs ahead of them. I wouldn’t beat your head against it.

@grandell1234, I appreciate your answer. However, in this case, affected users of the ChatGPT Android app are experiencing this issue with ALL GPTs that have Actions. It is also important to note that this issue does not occur in the web version of ChatGPT. If it were a matter of incorrect instructions, it seems unlikely that all GPTs with Actions would be affected, nor would the issue be exclusive to the Android app.

@thinktank, I agree. I just want to ensure that the OpenAI team is aware of the issue because it impacts a significant number of users and this bug prevents affected users from using GPTs with Actions through the user-friendly ChatGPT Android app, which is why I believe it should be classified as a critical bug.

Possible scenarios to consider:

  • Perhaps OpenAI has already resolved this issue in the Android app, but the update has not yet been approved by Google Play. This might explain why the issue persists in the ChatGPT Android app but not in the web version.
  • Alternatively, the OpenAI team might not yet be aware of this issue. For this reason, I initiated this thread in the hope that someone from the Openai team would see it and decide to investigate further.

To the OpenAI team:
You have created an amazing product, but this is the most critical issue I have heard related to GPTs since December 2023. It would be greatly appreciated if this issue could be investigated and resolved.

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I have given you the only thing that makes logical sense in this situation. You will not be able to get in touch with an OpenAI staff member who works on ChatGPT on this forum. Please open a ticket at and wait about 1-4 months. Thank you.

Having same issue since several days. Chat app is great for it’s speech to text, but without actions now way to benefit from both…