AI powered fashion photography

Hi everyone, I am a third year Fashion Photography student using a combination of Chat GPT and DALL-E-2 to create fashion images to be displayed in my VR gallery. The project started as an investigation into where AI could help a photographer automate mundane tasks, but has quite rapidly developed into a collaboration with AI. I am interviewing Chat GPT, asking for ideas for shoots, even asking it to analyse my images. Through a process of trial and error, I am developing work that has my peers both amazed and terrified; reactions range from “wow, that’s cool” to “it’s going to kill us all!”
I’m very excited to be working on this project but I am burning through credits in DALL-E-2 at a rate of knots, so if anyone knows how I could get some sort of student discount I would be most grateful. :slight_smile:
An example of some of the work below:

Nice! Thanks for sharing with us.

Hope you stick around the forums. We’ve got a great community starting up here!

Best of luck with your project.

Thanks Paul, I was a bit concerned I wasn’t the desired clientele as I’m not a coder or super techy but I guess thats why I find this all so fascinating!

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Yeah, at this point, I see more creative types jumping in all the time.