Just launched: AI generated branding project

“What if a machine created its own brand?”. This is an experiment using an internal ML model to generate brand identities paired with GPT-3 taglines.

Info about the project can be found at https://nftbrandcollective.com/.

As a point of clarity, Dall-E was not used for this project, only GPT3.

Of all the good uses this could be put to work, here’s more crypto crap. Hard to believe they allow access for people who don’t even bother to read the terms of use.

Let me remind you of DALL-E policies DALL·E

Use for non-commercial purposes only.

As this is an experimental research platform, you may not use generated images for commercial purposes. For example:

  • You may not license, sell, trade, or otherwise transact on these image generations in any form, including through related assets such as NFTs.
  • You may not serve these image generations to others through a web application or through other means of third-parties initiating a request.

First you cant use Dalle 2 for copyright reasons its in terms of use.
Secondly if you wanna sell art created through AI there is a huge loophole, lots of previous jurisprudence state only humans can ejerce the right for copyright. So far the new thrend is those who develop the models own the right. In the future it will be divided those who generated the prompts, the ones who developed the models and the people who created images which the models were trained by. Legislation and Jurisprudence just need to catch up.


I’m still waiting for access to Dall-e 2 but have looked at and studied a lot of the art 95% you can tell is computer generated if you look hard enough. My mother is a award winning artist and I would like access to have a look myself and show my mother, as I see it as a good tool to give artists ideas/ inspiration that can be painted on a canvas.

Yeah I agree… a lot of people do not read the terms of use. I have seen digital Ai art I believe was made by Dall-e 2 for sale, also offering prints of the art. So I would say, not everyone is playing by the rules.

If this is the future, don’t the artists who generate the original works the models are trained on deserve some control over how their work is used?