I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm just a user and looking for ai products to try But hi

My name is Stephanie and I’m just a content creator. Is there a community or thread here someplace just for users of final programs/apps/ai stuff, not coders? I use these products mostly to generate content for the web and print. I’m currently designing a children’s book using GPT-3 and Dall-e Mini (although there may be an issue with the copyright to images generated which is why I want to be inside the main one ha). I also hope to use AI art generators to generate pictures for books (after editing the eyes and whatnot ha), and other content. As a user (content creator) who wants to use your creations and try them out, is there a group on here I can join that shows me the new stuff you’re creating for users like me to try out? I’m fascinated by Dalle (mini on waiting list for 2) and GPT 3. I want to use all the AI things or at least try them. Let me know.


There are some good subreddits (r/openai and r/gpt3) where you can probably get a bit more active discussion than this forum. There are also a ton of private discord servers. I tried to run one for content creators but it didn’t really take off. I have found that YouTube seems to be the best active community (at least for my needs) Here’s my channel if you’re curious:


Thanks! I believe I do watch you :slight_smile: I’ve never joined the "communities’ on either reddit or youtube but I guess I should! ha Thanks so much for responding.

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Well dont dispear i was too just an user once. Came from law, but right now i am just obssesed with the API use it for everyday life. You dont have to be a programer to gain the max with the API. I personally use it for helping me write better, have a better knowledge for any topic. If you are a content creator just wait for the epiphany to come and make videos about it sometimes the completions surprice us.

You could check out the “share your project” section to see what is available
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@chronicgranny I have created a research discord by popular request, you may find it beneficial to join David Shapiro Research

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I’m having a blast using it (and I also pay for Jasper) as a writing assistant for my content writing business. I also have a YT channel and create digital art. I’d love to have access to DALL-E (the main version am on waiting list). I really think these tools are amazing.

I’m so slow that the invite is no more. I have the same name on Discord. I am also new to that ha and have no idea what I’m doing. Sadly, I’ve been using the “internet” since the 90s and I’m still ignorant other than as a user. :slight_smile: I hope I can figure out how to find that community you created. ha