How i used AI to visualize content inside my book and why the book market IMHO will soon change a lot

Hi everyone, so this is my first post in here.
Just to be clear: i am not an AI specialist nor a AI developer.
But since i used AI inside my latest book, i just would like to drop my 2cents about how i think that AI is going to break on through into the book market.

So i published a book that contains more than 1000 funny aka meme pie-charts.
While designing it, i asked myself how i could “pimp” up such a book with some different visuals and that is when i asked me another question: how would AI visualize the subject of a chart.

The result is tremendous! There are dozens of AI images that are absolutely funny or beautiful.

That is when i realized how very soon thousands of independent authors will probably soon work with AI:

  • COVER DESIGN Most independent authors do not use designed covers. That is often so, because Word or any other Text editor that they use, won’t be good enough to make a nice cover design. On the other hand, you have to find the perfect photo. Some Print on-demand services offer a very minimalist cover designer, but even those do not make your book look unique.
    THIS changes now with AI. An author that writes a book about carrots can within seconds create a book cover where a rabbits bites into a carrot with a smile.
  • CONTENT IMAGES The same goes for books with different content per chapter. Let’s say that an author has a children’s book containing 10 chapters with go-to-sleep stories. It is super easy now to create an image per chapter to visually divide each chapter.

I am absolutely nobody to predict anything about how this will cause, but i am sure that many books that in theory were only “text only” books, might now have one or many images to visualize the story.

Here are some examples of the AI results within my book.

As this is my first post, i can only add one image in here and i am not allowed to put a link either. If you want to see more examples at the book’s project page just PM me or ask me to put it in here and i will do so.

I would love to hear from you where all this AI might lead to concerning such markets like with books.

Thanks for your critics and have a great day everyone.


this looks fantastic and a great use of AI to create visualized content

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Good luck on selling your book.

A flood is coming.

Must admit I’m very wary of buying new books now for fear of ending up reading just the output of GPT. :sweat_smile:

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Thanks a lot for the critics. I am so eager in how other books in the future will use this.
Specially in terms of illustrations. I think that this way of visualising will make many illustrators struggle but on the other hand it will immensely increase the development and design of books.

Once we have text-to-video capabilities that are able to maintain consistence over long term duration (like length of time to read a book), yes we will be able to auto-generate infinite numbers of entire MOVIES to go along with any book. You’ll be able to generate your own “War and Peace” movie, using your own selected actors for each role (at least using open source LLMs where no one is controlling you). Any description of a scene will be able to be rendered. Currently we can do this only with one image at a time, or short video, but long-form video is coming!

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I totally agree with everything you’re saying! I’m a current author and I just discovered ChatGPT. Out of curiousity I wrote out a detailed explanation of my magic system and asked ChatGPT to throw out some specific uses of the magic and it spit out so many that I never even thought of. After that, I was even more curious. I’ve been wanting to write a cosmic horror detective noir book, but my current series is eating away all my time. I decided to summarize chapter 1 of this cosmic horror book in ChatGPT and ask it to write it for me. It wasn’t great, but it gave a great skeleton for me to go through and edit and change the voice and perspective and the dialogue. definitely the dialogue. Chatgpt doesn’t do great with dialogue. It’s really really cool. Right now, I think using it this way will get a lot of haters, because, like me, if you don’t understand how Chatgpt works you will think that all you have to do is throw in a prompt and get this bestselling book. Nope. Its still a lot of work to edit it and infuse personality into it. It will catch on eventually. I paid a butt ton of money for a cover for my current book, and now that I have access to Dall-E i’m not sure I’ll contract another artist. I understand the fear of “oh no people are going to lose jobs” but at the same time, most indie authors aren’t rich. we don’t have excess money to throw at all these different services. we just don’t. so we either have to sacrifice savings or whatnot to get a good product or we have to go with an inferior product because its all we can afford. with Dall-E, that isn’t the case anymore. And like with writing a book, it’s not as simple as saying “give me this picture.” and thats it. It will take a lot of prompt engineering and time customizing, so its not like its a cheat system. Anyway, this has been long enough. I’ll stop now!

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Looking good!

Amazon has noticed AI, for sure…

Here’s an RPG book from 2021…

And from 2023 with more art inside thanks to DALLE3…

Interesting time to be any sort of creative these days!

Hope you stick around, @qroft, we’ve got a great community garden growing here!