Acount being suddenly deactivated and unable to use

I just registered this account into OpenAI api and I didn’t even had time to do anything on the account. I registered a api key and more, but when i run it is says account has been deactivated.

The OpenAI account associated with this API key has been deactivated. If you are the developer for this OpenAI app, please check your email for more information. If you are seeing this error while using another app or site, please reach out to them for more help.

It says also that it has sended me a email, but when I searched in my inbox nothing was there. I thought that I did something bad, although I almost didn’t have time to do anything.

Any idea how to fix it? (And I know that chatGPT haves potential and thats why im here)

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Hallo, non riesco più accedere al vostro servizio. Cosa devo fare?

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