Issue about Account Deactivation

Hi, yesterday I received a message about my API key stopped working because my account was somehow deactivated. When I opened OpenAi it said “Failed to load subscription for selected organization”. Please help me fix this probably and restore my account.

I can only help with advice, not changes that restore your account.

If you were banned for undesired uses or violations, it is unlikely you’ll get the account back.

You can contact via the assistant at if you think someone reviewing your account would reverse the decision.

Yo tambien tengo el mismo problema estaba chateando con un bot normal pero derrepente me salió que mi suscripción fue desactivada sinceramente me gustaría saber qué pasó o si rompí alguna regla o política sin darme cuenta si fuera así pido disculpas no sabía pero enserio quiero saber qué pasó?

Several accounts have been disabled recently because billing problems were detected with the credit cards in the account. This may be a false detection by systems, or there may actually be a problem detected with credit cards you previously used.

Varias cuentas han sido desactivadas recientemente porque se detectaron problemas de facturación con las tarjetas de crédito en la cuenta. Esto puede ser una detección falsa por los sistemas, o puede que realmente haya un problema detectado con las tarjetas de crédito que utilizaste anteriormente.

My account was deactivated and without a reason. I’ve looked at the usage policies and think that because I’m pulling back public corporate emails I was dinged as pulling PII.
Do publicly available corporate emails quality as PII?

Do these public corporate emails represent information that permits the identities of the individuals to whom this information pertains to be reasonably inferred?

Would you like to know more?