Deactivated Account Appeal No Response

Dear openai team and community members,

My account was deactivated about 5 days ago. OpenAi said there was an email sent to my account, which I never saw.

My situation:
I can still log into my account, but I am not able to use ChatGPT nor view any API keys I’ve created earlier. And when I tried to create a new key, there is a red error message warning me that my account has been deactivated.

My appeal progress:
I wrote an email titled ‘Deactivated User Appeal’, and I received a reply within one hour. This is such a relief for me for being so in time! Thanks a lot. But when I read the reply, I found that the content is mainly about solutions to logging into the OpenAi account. And that might not be able to solve my ‘gone API keys’ problems.
Therefore, I wrote a reply, containing the details of my problem, including the screenshots, reproduction of my problem and so on.
But I haven’t receieved a reply after almost one day.

After reading other community members’ similar problems in reactivating accounts, I understand that it is normal to wait for 2-3 days for you guys to reply, and I really appreciate what you guys do to better support this LARGE number of OpenAi users.

The reason for my hurry in reactivating my account is that my account belongs to an organization, which would keep charing money into GPT even if the organization’s account is deactivated. And now, due to my account’s deactivation, the organization’s account is also deactivated. The billing inside the organization account is unchangable, and we thus keep billing into this account, neverthless the money saved earlier into the organization’s account.

Our organization is not wealthy and has a limited fund for research. And I really enjoy doing my NLP research with the help of OpenAi brilliant APIs and Chatbots.

I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me out!!

Here is the first reply I received from OpenAi:

It says my account is not banned, but I can still not be able to create new API keys, and the error message keeps poping up: ‘Your account has been deactivated’.

Could you please explain what happened?

I understand that having your account deactivated is concerning, however the developer forum is not the correct place to request a review.

In your deactivation email (which you say you have not received) there is a link to please use this link and use the support bot in the bottom right corner to leave your contact details and a description of your issue.