Account termination system should be seriously improved!

The story in a nutshell. I am doing the Building and Evaluating Advanced RAG on DeepLearning.AI. On the 3rd task, I tested the Window-context RAG locally with my OpenAI API key + trulens evaluation. Note, I used the same pdf and question list as in the course. I didn’t use the API before , only chatGPT. I even added 5$ to get better RPM for the trulens. The night after I received the termination account email

We have determined that you or a member of your organization are using the OpenAI API in ways that violate our policies.

No-one else from the group or who used this library or course didn’t receive a ban. So I suspect … Revolut. I think they detected my 5$ payment as “Suspicious activity” and terminated the account , lol.

For 3 days , I still didn’t get any answer except this:

Thank you for reaching out to us. We’ve confirmed this action was associated with suspicious account activity. Please check that you are accessing OpenAI’s services from a [supported country]. If you are using a proxy service, it’s possible that the system detected this as a potential trigger for security concerns.

No, I didn’t use VPN :confused: It is so strange, I understand that first payment and some API usage can be suspicious but guys, you terminated my account and my ChatGPT+ subscription because of “suspicious account activity”. Like, you are saying that I didn’t violate any policies.

Now the thing, why not just to temporarily ban the account? Why I can’t use chatGPT for which I paid , while you terminated my account possibly because of the Revolut ? I suggest if the system is that strict, then the appeal procedure should be better explained , I still can’t get answer for 4 days and I really hope I will get one in 1w. I hope the first thing OpenAI will test their AGI is their support center :slight_smile: