Account recovery and reactivate

Around 4/16, when I was trying to change my password, I accidentally deleted my account because the chat GPT interface did not have this function. However, I cannot find a way to recover my account. Can you please advise me on how to recover my account?


I have a very similar problem, except I have not deactivated my account but have forgotten my login. After trying to reset my password, I am sent to the sign-in page to be then told that I have exceeded my phone number uses. I have raised this problem using the chatbot in help.openai. page. It sent me to a login page that did not work. I have re-issued my question and still waiting for a response. This had been a few days ago. Still no sign of an answer. I am literally at a loss, especially since I am even paying for Plus.

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well, well, well, Having my account deleted (though I’m still paying for it) I presumed I wouldn’t be allowed to chat in here. It said I’m authorized. So, I’m known, recognized and authorized; I just cannot access my account. And I’m paying monthly. I too got the ticket as “resolved” a few times. Though I’ve received no help nor access.

Sign me frustrated

I pay for it and now my account is deactived?

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The situation is similar, I wanted to change the linked phone and deleted my account by mistake. Wrote in support waited a week as they promised but no answer. After reading the posts above, I understand that no one has an answer. You will have to live without this tool, since making a new phone number just to solve this problem is not an option.

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I am also Facing similar type of problems .

Same issue here, I deleted the account by mistake and tried to reactivate it through the BOT. The BOT is not as bright as ChatGPT obviously, simply frustrated! I tried to create a new account but cannot with the same phone number, and I cannot unlink the phone number from the deleted account.

Catch 22 - Find another provider as it’s easier than getting a new phone number!

Find another provider? As far as a new AI goes?

I was just having a chat with the bot, when i entered my next prompt, it just said that sorry your account might have been deleted or deactivated if this is a mistake contact help center, i have contacted them and am waiting, but by the looks of it there isn’t gonna be an answer, I don’t even know what went wrong, i clearly wasn’t against the guidelines, i had a lot of information on my chat, and when i try to sign up with that email it says it already exists, and when logging in it says deleted or deactivated, somebody help me for the love of God!!

Same issue. My account was deleted by mistake. I have contacted them. There is still no reply.

Same here no reply from them. I think they are still figuring out a way around this

face the same issue what a worse customer service they have, they might built good lm but not resolving simple issues

Me too. I delete my account for some reason. And when i want to go back log in. It says that your account has been deleted or deactivate. If this was an error… But actually I’m delete it by my own. And i want to log in back and i can’t. I have Contact them in the

They said that they Will reply in under a weeks.