Account recovery and reactivate

Around 4/16, when I was trying to change my password, I accidentally deleted my account because the chat GPT interface did not have this function. However, I cannot find a way to recover my account. Can you please advise me on how to recover my account?


June 5th - Refunded for the months where my account was charged for ChatGPT Plus despite being deactivated. Now waiting until July to see if the subscription has actually been cancelled.

June 3rd (part 2) - Received support email about refunds. OpenAI said they cancelled my subscription. I’ll believe them when my account is (hopefully) not charged for ChatGPT Plus for July 2023. Email said I can still access free ChatGPT. Nope. Tried logging in: account still deactivated. How hard is it to reactivate an account? I sent a response to the email, asking again for my account to be reactivated.

June 3rd - Bank account charged for ChatGPT Plus despite my account being deactivated since about April 20th (over 1 month ago). Why is OpenAI still charging me for a service I can’t even use? Explained my situation to the Help bot and chose option ‘Deleted account myself and want to restore’. Help bot said “The team will get back to you on this, our usual reply time is under 1 week”.
My account has been deactivated for over a month. OpenAI has therefore charged me for something I can’t even use. How can a company simultaneously create the world’s most advanced large language model while creating an apparently flawed account/subscription/support system?

May 16th - Both support tickets marked as ‘resolved’ (3 weeks after 1st ticket was created). No messages or emails from OpenAI or support explaining how my ticket was ‘resolved’. I emailed OpenAI’s operator email address again, asking OpenAI to cancel my ChatGPT subscription. No response as of June 3rd. Account is still deactivated.

May 5th - Emailed OpenAI’s operator email address, asking them to cancel my ChatGPT subscription. No response as of June 3rd. Attempt to reset my password was successful but when trying to log in using the new password the page still says my account is deactivated, taking me to

May 4th - My initial ticket is still at ‘Submitted’ status. I was charged for ChatGPT Plus despite my account being deactivated. This is frustrating. Created 2nd support ticket asking OpenAI to cancel my ChatGPT subscription. Emailed OpenAI, asking why my 1st support ticket had not yet moved beyond ‘submitted’. No response as of June 2023.

May 3rd - Charged for ChatGPT Plus. If I was charged in April 2023 for starting my ChatGPT Plus subscription, then I am charged for the month in advance; if I’m charged a month in advance then this May transaction was for using ChatGPT Plus for May 2023, but my account is deactivated, so why charge me for a service I can’t use?

April 22nd - Create 1st support ticket asking OpenAI to reactivate my account or to cancel my ChatGPT Plus subscription.

April 20th (approx) - Account deactivated anyway. No emails from OpenAI telling me this.

April 16th (approx) - Tell Fin/Help bot I want to keep my account active.

April 12th (approx.) - Tell Fin/Help bot I want to deactivate my account (changed my mind about privacy concerns).

April 5th - Asked Help bot to cancel my ChatGPT Plus subscription (privacy concerns, wanted to stop using ChatGPT all together).

April 3rd - Charged for ChatGPT Plus subscription.

April 2nd - Subscribed to ChatGPT Plus.

Original reply:

I’m in a similar situation. The biggest sign of hope has been the Fin messenger bot creating a support ticket for me. The bot is available via the chat icon in the bottom right corner on the help page (

About 2 weeks ago I asked the Fin bot to deactivate my account. I found ChatGPT very useful but I was concerned about data privacy.

Then a few days later I considered GPT’s usefulness great enough to outweigh my privacy concerns. So I continued using ChatGPT Plus. Then I realized I ought to stop the deactivation process in case it was still going to happen. So I told Fin that I didn’t want to deactivate my account.

Fast-forward about a week and I discovered my account was deactivated. I haven’t been able to use GPT since April 20th. It’s like losing a mobile phone or being banned from Google Search. GPT is so useful that not being able to use it is like the AI equivalent of being homeless.

So the deactivation did happen - even after I tried to communicate that I wanted to stop it. There seems to be no easy way to reactivate my account.

At first the Fin bot suggested an article which mentioned a ‘User Ban Appeal’ for DALL-E 2. But that’s specifically for banned accounts and regarding DALL-E, not OpenAI accounts in general.

Several hours of stressful searching later I told the Fin messenger bot that I can’t access my account because I deactivated it. Fin created a support ticket. That was 2 days ago. The top of the chat conversation says ‘Within a week’. Clicking on that reveals “We typically reply within a week”. I’m patiently waiting.

I hope I can reactivate my account because the alternative is to get a new phone number and new email.


I have a very similar problem, except I have not deactivated my account but have forgotten my login. After trying to reset my password, I am sent to the sign-in page to be then told that I have exceeded my phone number uses. I have raised this problem using the chatbot in help.openai. page. It sent me to a login page that did not work. I have re-issued my question and still waiting for a response. This had been a few days ago. Still no sign of an answer. I am literally at a loss, especially since I am even paying for Plus.

well, well, well, Having my account deleted (though I’m still paying for it) I presumed I wouldn’t be allowed to chat in here. It said I’m authorized. So, I’m known, recognized and authorized; I just cannot access my account. And I’m paying monthly. I too got the ticket as “resolved” a few times. Though I’ve received no help nor access.

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