Account deactivated but subscription still active and charging my card

In brief: I requested my account to be deleted months ago, forgot about it completely, then started using ChatGPT for work and subscribed to ChatGPT+. A few weeks later the delete request was finally dealt with, and they deactivated/deleted my account. Asked for a refund for the subscription as I couldn’t use it with a deactivated account, but also asked that the account be reactivated.

All credit to support, they replied fairly quickly and did refund me claiming they’d also reactivated the account. Unfortunately the account was still deactivated, so I asked again for it to be reactivated but haven’t heard back from support since. A week later I was charged again for ChatGPT+… I’m completely unable to stop this charge from recurring because I cannot access my account to stop it. So I’m paying for something I can’t use, and I’ll continue to be charged until someone from support steps in and allows me access to my account again!

I’m posting on here in the hope that someone from OpenAI will see this and help out because I really want to use the subscription I’m paying for, but support emails are just not being answered at all.

If someone could point me to someone on here I can contact about this, that would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.

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Apologies for bumping this thread but it’s now been 2 weeks since they last charged my card and I’m still unable to get into my account and have had no response from support.

Does anyone know of a reliable way to reach someone at OpenAI?

Still waiting for any form of contact from someone at OpenAI. It’s been over 3 weeks since I was charged for an account I have no access to, and over 4 weeks since I heard from support.

It seems literally impossible to reach anyone at OpenAI other than by writing emails which don’t get answered. How is this in any way acceptable?

It’s been a month now with no reply from support, and OpenAI is still taking my money without letting me into my account.

@logankilpatrick I know this isn’t your department but seeing as you represent OpenAI perhaps you could pass this onto someone who can help? Do you think it’s acceptable that your company is continuing to take my subscription money without letting me access my account? The support bot claims that they will reply within a week, yet it’s been a month now, is this a good customer experience?

I have the same problem too. My account was deactivated months ago yet OpenAI keeps charging $20 plus subscription fee each month even after the deactivation. I don’t know how to shut down the plus subscription since my account has been deactivated and has no way to login to change the billing settings. Why does OpenAI even allow such things exist? It’s totally out of control. My money is losing and I have no way to stop it. How frustrating this is!

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Update on the ‘support’ from OpenAI:

4th August: Finally receive an email apologising for the delay and promising to escalate to appropriate team.

30th August: Receive a generic email asking me what issues I’m having. Clearly they haven’t read any of the detailed emails I’ve sent previously explaining what’s going.

So it’s over 3 months since I contacted OpenAI about them taking money from my account for something I can’t access or stop and I’m no closer to a resolution. That can’t be legal can it?

@entenmydestdo I had to contact my bank directly and ask them to block any payments from OpenAI. Are you able to do the same?

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Same problem here. Deactivated my account, for unclear reason. Im appealing but meanwhile they are still charging me and there is no way I can stop it

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Same here. My account was deactivated. And I messaged the customer service for 6 times and they just replied to me that my account was not deactivated. I cannot stop the subscription and the customer service only keeps saying my account is not deactivated, while IT IS. They still charge me for the deactivated account.

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