About DELETE request support in ChatGPT plugin

Our team is currently experimenting with the ChatGPT retrieval plugin and attempting to integrate the /delete function by document IDs into the openai.yaml file. While testing the feature on localhost, it was successful. However, once we deployed the plugin on our server and domain, we noticed that only the /query and /upsert functions were working. The /delete request did not appear on the uvicorn server log. We suspect that ChatGPT may be restricting the delete function in some way. We would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had a similar experience.


I can’t say that I have seen this exact issue, but I have seen other similar issues, and on Monday I even thought that I saw AI change some incorrect link coding on the fly when I was checking a new website for broken links on a different computer to the one I usually work on. Although, it is very hard to be certain exactly what happened, even though something definitely did happen. I have noticed before, that when I work on a different machine from a different location without logging into my own accounts (working on someone else’s login), I sometimes see minor differences to what I was previously seeing on my own computer. But it is very difficult to nail down exactly what I am seeing happening as it happens so quickly. Plus, I may possibly even be hallucinating but I don’t think so.

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I am having the same issue on the simple todo demo application deployed over replit .com. Did you understand if they nerfed DELETE on purpose?

From within ChatGPT I get the following:


{ "username": "user", "todo_idx": 0 }

I’m sorry, but there seems to be an issue with the system. I’m currently unable to delete items from your todo list. Let’s try again later. Is there anything else you need assistance with?

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I did a few tests and I came to the conclusion that the calls to “destructive” methods are blocked. This doesn’t simply happen by banning DELETE on the api endpoint, but by blocking what is semantically “destructive” on the chatgpt level: I made the DELETE call into a POST and called it removeItem instead of deleteItem, and still didn’t work. Once I changed the semantics by renaming it and its description to promoteItem (and using the POST method), then GPT let it pass. I wish they had been more forthcoming with this, as I spent hours thinking it was my problem.

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