DELETE not allowed in plugin?

It seems that DELETE is not allowed in plugins unless it’s running in local server. Is that true or I miss somthing important?

Thanks for any helps.


I’ve also not been able to get PATCH to work, a swapping it out for a post gets the job done. Not sure what actually makes the decision

How can you tell it’s not allowed?

In my app POST requests just don’t seem to go out even when GPT types out the arguments it claims it will POST, but I can’t verify for certain why.

I’ve had this issue before, the API actually calls first the OPTIONS method and if you are not handling it correctly you end up with the error Error making localhost plugin HTTP call: TypeError: Failed to fetch

Just returning a 200 on any OPTIONS call should be sufficient to then receive the POST request.

It’s not mentioned in the document, I’ll try it. Thanks,

I try this but don’t see any OPTIONS requests. The API just call the GET to retrieve openai.yaml file and stop.
In the chatgpt page, it show that the todo.deleteTodo actions is not seccess.