ChatGPT plugin quickstart

Hey folks, I put together a simple ChatGPT plugin quick start repo: GitHub - openai/plugins-quickstart: Get a ChatGPT Plugin up and running in under 5 minutes!

I hope this helps!


Thanks :+1: sounds like a oos guide. Just have to wait to get access.

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For those who prefer a prompt based bot. My bot can do this in under 60 seconds. Requires GPT-4

Awesome! It’s good for OpenAI Plugin beginners. Thank you :pray:

While I can create and get items from my TODO list. I can’t delete an item from my TODO list (with index or naming the item itself). I notice that there is a comment that says “Fail silently, it’s a simple plugin”.

How do you remove an item from the TODO list? And how a slightly more complex plugin should handle this (since this is just simple way). Please.

async def delete_todo(username):
    request = await quart.request.get_json(force=True)
    todo_idx = request["todo_idx"]
    # fail silently, it's a simple plugin
    if 0 <= todo_idx < len(_TODOS[username]):
    return quart.Response(response='OK', status=200)

Sounds great! I want try it now!
Great thanks :smiley:

Hm, what prompt are you using to try and delete the item? It works for me.

Oh, okay, it’s working for me this morning. I guess something interfered. But thanks for your fast reply!

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