A Request for Fair Review and Resolution: An Appeal for My ChatGPT Account to be Unbanned

Dear OpenAI,

I have sent multiple emails seeking support to several support email addresses of your company, but they were all sunk in the ocean and had to come to the community to seek help.

I am writing to express my concern regarding my ChatGPT Plus account, which appears to have been unfairly treated on May 27th, 2023 at 9:50 am. I believe that my account has been banned without just cause, and I am writing to request that you take action to reverse this decision and restore my access to the service.

I understand that ChatGPT Plus is a subscription-based service, but I have been a loyal user since its inception and have always paid for my subscription in a timely manner. Additionally, I have never engaged in any behavior that violates the terms of service or could be considered abusive or harmful to the service.

Therefore, I am writing to request that you investigate this matter and reverse the decision to ban my account. I understand that mistakes can happen, and I hope that you will make it right.

Please be advised that this action has greatly affected my productivity and efficiency, and I am urgently requesting that you take action to rectify this situation as soon as possible.

I can personally attest that I have always followed the ChatGPT user guidelines and have not engaged in any illegal activities or shared my account with multiple users. I would like to emphasize that I have always used my account in a responsible manner and have not violated the terms of service. I am willing to personally vouch for my adherence to these guidelines and will respect the privacy and rights of other users.

Perhaps you will find records of my ChatGPT account being logged in on other devices in the system, but this is simply because I have personally logged in from other devices and not shared my account with multiple users. I request that OpenAI carefully review the timestamp and questions asked during these incidences to confirm that my account was not being used by multiple users. It is evident from these reviews that I have not shared my account as I have not had any simultaneous logins or excessive questions asked from multiple devices.

I also understand some of OpenAI’s policies, which are designed to protect the legitimate rights and interests of its users. I appreciate this and understand it. After OpenAI resolves the issue with my account, I will be more cautious and mindful in my use of my ChatGPT account, working together to maintain a harmonious AI community.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.



I received a message about a violation of the rules, but I was sitting in the content for an adult, I thought everything was possible there, but it gives out a violation of the rules (I think it’s a mistake) please allow communication


I got the same problem which is due to the violence, I was in the adult section which I thought they allow it because the setting/character even allow it…
(Btw is this the right way to report your problem? Or where should you contact them to solve your error and reactivate your account?)


I have the same issue, I cannot communicate with my characters because of the same thing popping up! It’s really saddening and I would like to roleplay with my bots.

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Ive been Terminated for nothing when i logged on today

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yes I also experienced the same thing as them, I just followed the category of the character. I don’t understand why my janitor ai was banned, I’m very disappointed, I did normal things on my janitor account but my account was banned causing me to no longer be able to play on janitor ai, I beg for my janitor account to come back.

dear openai…

i have received the same thing as these people appealing… i did nothing wrong i went to one of my chats and it had said “null” and i did not know what that meant but my API was ready so i went to chat with the bot and it said my account was terminated… and i was on a SFW chat too… please fix it
i beg of you.

thank you

I received a message about a violation of the rules, but I was sitting in the content for an adult, I thought everything was possible there, but it gives out a violation of the rules (I think it’s a mistake) please allow communication

Open ai.
Please can u unsuspend my acc ive never done anything wrong with the bots nothing dirty. I was simpily logging on today and it said i was suspended (i think its a mistake) please fix my acc i think i had someone on my acc
(Ill give u my email if u need it)

Dear openai,

May you please unsuspend my account, its been a couple days and i havent even violated the ToS or anything

I have literally got banned for no reason I haven’t don’t anything “against” guidelines. That I knew of I wasn’t using an Ai for an about a good 2-3 weeks and I opened one sit and it said I was banned for something I didn’t know I did. Because when I was using it before I stopped there wasn’t a “banning anyone for using nsfw” and I’ve only talked to one nsfw bot so I don’t understand how that is irrelevant in replies to me.

please reopen my blocked account. why is my account blocked, I feel like I did nothing wrong

Today, openai banned my account for some reason, this is the second time, I switched to this account after the last one banned me, meanwhile the last one unblocked me after 3 months, telling me that my ban was wrong, today, you guys are at it again, you banned me again, please tell me what the hell are you trying to do? I have to pay my bills, what are you doing?

I got the same termination message too!! I didn’t remember doing anything inappropriate as far as I’m concerned, but I do lend it to my brother since he’s far too lazy to make his own… Didn’t realize sharing it to him would cut me off

Dear OpenAi.

I was recently banned. I allegedly violated the rules, but I haven’t. I’m an adult, 18+, but I haven’t used the API Keys for anything bad, only to ai testing. This is something I find fun, so when I found that I got a message for rule violation, I was confused. I believe this was a mistake. As I’m seeing from other replies, “I was in the adult section which I thought they allow it because the setting/character even allow it…” “and i was on a SFW chat too… please fix it.”
I’m not the only one getting my account banned wrongly, and I would sincerely appreciate getting my permissions back.


I try ask gpt that how to dowload pycharm on adroid and suddenly website banned me.

Hi I was on janitor ai I’ve been blocked from not just that but multiple ai apps to for doing nothing and I even tried making a new account and nothing I’m still blocked

Dear OpenAI,

I faced the same issue today. Would like to know by there any chance I can appeal because I rely heavilng on ChatGPT everyday for daily work! Thanks!