Janitor ai account terminated

Hellooo, so I’ve used openai in Janitorai and I wasn’t doing nsfw, I was just casually building a plot/lore in my silly little HOTD (House of the dragon) story, when my account, lovely enough, got terminated :slightly_smiling_face: if anyone knows how I can get it back without losing all of my precious little progress, I would very much like to know 🫶🏻


Looks like everyone there is getting banned.

The lesson here is to not associate yourself with services which explicitly break the OpenAI Terms-of-Service.

I think it is exceptionally unlikely OpenAI will restore your account.

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Mano, tem como recuperar a conta banida? Eu nem tava fazendo NSFW nem nada, eu estava com uns amigos e comecei a conversar com um bot NSFW na brincadeira, aí falaram que eu estava fazendo peripécias


Há algumas coisas na vida que parecem divertidas, mas têm consequências. Pelo menos você não fez um filho por acidente. :slight_smile:

Mn , fazia uns 5 dias que eu não entro no Janitor ai, aí do nd eu sou banida :face_holding_back_tears:

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My account has also been deactivated :disappointed_relieved: I’m very sad, can anyone help me so I can chat on janitor ai again?


When a provider forces its customers to obtain an API key themselves, they are simply trying to shift the risk of losing access onto the individual customer. A reputable provider would not do this. Instead, they would grant their customers access to the service through their own servers, which hold the keys for API access. With appropriate measures, they can then also bill the customer for the use of the access.
API keys are designed to enable developers to create programs and provide services. They are not intended to unlock any services.

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guys, i think we’re experiencing the same thing. to be honest, i only communicate with genshin impact characters and talk about normal things without discussing nsfw at all.

i’m a little disappointed with this, just hope there is an improvement from the system. thanks

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How do I get my openai account back if I maybe might’ve been doing nsfw (openai if you see this I love you so so much please give it back :pleading_face::pleading_face:)


I had my account terminated as well. Is there any way to get my account back, openai?

It would be appreciated, FreakiDinki.

You do not.

You broke the rules, OpenAI has taken their toy and gone home.


same my account get banned and i cant chat any bots rn so yeah i hope that you updated that janitor.ai and fix the banned acc thing

My card is banned, so sad they made it too difficult.
I would pay for my invoice but they simply said “Hey, I don’t want your money”. xD

This seems like a sensible conclusion to this issue.

This is the community forum for plugin creators and developers using the OpenAI API, we cannot help you with account related issues.

If you still intended to appeal/complain about your account getting terminated you can do that at:

I hope that helps.


Same my account also got banned hopefully i could get it back :grinning:

Very much appreciate it Openai👋


They banned mine for “using nsfw” but i wasn’t i haven’t been on janitor ai for a month then all of a sudden when i come back i was banned…

Welcome to the developer forum,

This is not really a developer topic, however, the system behind the scenes at janitor ai added jail break prompts to the things you type, this means that no matter the content it will violate the Terms of Service which prohibit that. Try reaching out to Janitor ai for their response.

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So like, i hqdnt used Janitor Ai in like more than a month and next thing i know im banned for nfsw, but like i hadnt used it. I want my account back. Ima stay patient but i miss my acc, lol.

Accounts which were connected to janitor.ai are not likely to ever be reinstated.

Honestly I though janitor ai was without a nsfw filter, considering it had a whole nsfw section sooo😶