A note to OpenAI Developers

Don’t you mean InWorld NPC maker thingy? :wink:

I’m fine being a small-fry… not interested in getting rich quick. I like D&D and I enjoy AI, so merging the two has been fun. The experiment does pay for itself and then some, but no, I’m not worried about bigger fish…


I don’t want to come off too much as a hater.

Every single person on this forum is probably a better dev than me and certainly everyone on the OpenAI Team. I just wish this all wasn’t happening and daddy sam was happy


No dall-e-3 love over here either :face_holding_back_tears:

I still get images out of the API though, no problem. So glitch in the listings?


Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure you’re better than me :grin:


Nah mate,

Don’t be too hard on yourself, I’ve seen worse :wink:


Well, thanks everyone.

I just don’t want to piss off the AI gods.

Thank you for your post, given you probably don’t know what’s going on yourself as the storm is probably still shaking the house. Very destabilising on our end. Difficult to estimate if ChatGPT remains the right choice to build upon right now. Hope you guys can pull it together, and find proper bearing to restaure balance & new progress. Would love to add assistants to our solutions, but we’re in the blue. Will ChatGPT still be here next spring? Can we engage our efforts, time & money in that direction? I love my GPT assistants, but I love them even more so when I feel confident in their future.
Cheers from Paris.


@aFrog My sentiments exactly. I have a meeting on Wednesday with the Group Digital Director at the company who owns our company, ideally I’d like to be able to tell him that these solutions we’re exploring will still be available the next time we talk.


Went from super excited, to border line depressed on that one :sweat_smile: Can’t say I’m too happy seing Microsoft winning all the loot on that one either. That plus the talent poaching party that’s probably already started. OpenAI might get behind real fast, and it’s not just model that I liked ; I liked the pricing and the API too.

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TED just posted this.

Fantastic timing.


Oh, I was supposed to actually try it when it’s not in the models endpoint either. Ok, fine. :laughing:

Prompt rewriting ensures a diverse workplace and dozens of characters…

Generate a vivid image of a diverse set of company executives, composed of men and women of multiple descents such as Caucasian, Hispanic, Black, Middle-Eastern, and South Asian…

I’m thinking that “vivid” is just a prompt instead of “natural”. How about “HD”?


Trust but verify :rofl:

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Even though there are many difficulties, I want to believe that OpenAI can can overcome them.
And so can we.
Everyone feels the same way, right?

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Despite my negativity and bleak outlook on this company and the future, I wanna say that I appreciate the devs taking their time and reading and listening to what the community has to say. Of course, this doesn’t always mean changes are going to happen to the community’s liking, and neither should it. But it’s a step into a direction that hopefully benefits all parties involved!

@PaulBellow I sincerely hope you know something I don’t and it’s this knowledge that is giving you this optimism, cuz I sure could use more of that :slight_smile:

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Nothing “official,” but as I said, I’ve been with them a long time now (in internet years…) Nobody wants ChatGPT or the API to go down, and I’m betting (based on their track record), they’ll do everything in their power to keep it up and running. The tech is here to stay, and OpenAI is leading the way for a reason - their super strong human team.

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I am the type who carefully balances optimism and pessimism, and I am sometimes misunderstood.

My optimism is quite general and I am not completely convinced that it strictly applies to OpenAI.

I certainly 100% agree that no one wants functions like ChatGPT and the API to stop working.

However, there are probably times when we need to see reality.

My relationship with OpenAI has only been around 1-2 years at most, and it’s not a very deep relationship.

I believe that OpenAI’s technology will continue to thrive, transferred to other companies, enriching people’s lives and remaining present in the academic world.

However, I can’t make definitive predictions about what will happen to OpenAI as a company.

Of course, I have absolutely no intention of denying anyone’s personal beliefs.

Everyone has the inherent right to live freely within their beliefs, without harming others, and it is imperative that everyone respects this

Therefore, if a post like this, with a mixes some optimism and pessimism, made someone feel uncomfortable, I would feel sorry about that, as it’s not what I intended.

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When I saw the possibility of OpenAI shutting down its API, I was shocked three times.

Firstly, as a human being, I witnessed a historically significant event happening in my lifetime for the first time, and now someone is talking about shutting it down. Are we extinguishing the fire of humanity?

Secondly, I saw a leap opportunity for the productivity of human society, where people are no longer constrained by the accumulation of knowledge, and now someone wants to take us back to the Stone Age?

Thirdly, we just bought servers, developed applications for people’s learning and improving quality of life, and now someone is talking about stopping the API service. How could we not be shocked?

Whoever does this is being irresponsible towards humanity, committing a crime against humanity.

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Is the API likely to be shut down? I dont see why it would be but its been widely discussed at the moment

I see. The thing is, from the very beginning, I could not take OpenAI’s ethical concerns seriously, when they wrote a 6 page manifesto about racial and gender discrimination, and did not mention artists they used without compensation a single time.
I’ve seen them update their policies and products several times, and it has only ever gone one way: towards stricter policies.
Dall-E was impressive, but despite being the first of its kind, it got overshadowed by MidJourney and Stable Diffusion pretty quickly, and almost nobody in the AI world even cared about Dall-E2, because the competition was better. The reason OpenAI was first, IMO, is because they have the most resources. Recall that StableDiffusion was developed by the LMU research group, who first had to secure hardware support from StabilityAI, because most people with the knowledge to make something better than Dall-E simply don’t have the means to make it.

Forgive my cynicism, but I think that considering the obvious and extensively documented biases placed into the likes of ChatGPT precisely by the human element of OpenAI, and the opinions of its CEO (e.g. Sam Altman’s interview on the Lex Friedman podcast), IMO it is not correct to consider the human element as the strong point here.

And I am not saying this to hate on them. I would love them to succeed. Whether by wealth of knowledge or resources, OpenAI - currently at least - leads in the department of LLM and generative AI. The thing is, it is unlikely they will keep such a large advantage forever, and what will happen then? Imagine what Dall-E3 could do if you gave it inpainting, controlnet, and removed about 80% of its restrictions. It would be hands down the best product on the market, period. And this goes for pretty much all their tools. Because there will be alternatives.

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Im not a developer, just a user. I don’t code, but I do think; Given that the feeling I am left with as a user is that OpenAI’s board is dubious, and the the person I came to TRUST with my interactions with Open AI has been fired from a roll in which he built Trust with us Users, dose anyone care what we think anymore?