When will Vision API rate limit increase?

Obviously there is significant turbulence within OpenAI as an organization, and I wish the best for all involved…

That said, I am curious whether or not the events in the past few days will affect the rollout of the vision rate limit increase from 100 rpd. All I have heard thus far was “in the coming weeks”, about 1.5 weeks ago.

Will this rollout proceed as planned or will it move more slowly due to the organizational challenges?

Further, is there a more specific timeline that we can operate on? I think I speak for a number of devs in that I will be releasing a product as soon as the rate limit increases.

Thanks so much!!

Turbulent indeed, but there is a firm commitment to keep developers supported and services supplied, there has been no official word on rate limits as yet, but the planned rollouts should proceed albeit with a slight delay due to current events.

Here is the official word on rate limits.

  • The models gpt-4-1106-preview and gpt-4-vision-preview are currently under preview with restrictive rate limits that make them suitable for testing and evaluations, but not for production usage. We plan to increase these limits gradually in the coming weeks with an intention to match current gpt-4 rate limits once the models graduate from preview. As these models are adopted for production workloads we expect latency to increase modestly compared to this preview phase.

And that is all the information available. Whether tier 1 or tier 5, the model is limited to 100 requests per day, which you are free to use up in two minutes.