OpenAI Dev-Day 2023: Dev-Day Discussion!

OpenAI Dev-Day 2023: Dev-Day Discussion!

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When will GPT-4 32k API be available?


I bet we will get information on that tomorrow! I’m very excited to see!

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Yeah, certainly that’ll be one of the announcements! Been waiting for this one!


Hoping to see DallE3 API relased :smiley:


Welcome to the community forum!

I think there’s a high chance of something like that happening, but we’ll see :laughing:

What I’m most interested in is the the unexpected, kinda hoping they’ll bring out some humanoid GPT robot or an AI controlled flying robo-taxi :rofl:


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I’m curious about the roadmap for GPT-4’s vision API capabilities. when we might expect the GPT-4 vision API to become available? Additionally, are there any plans in place to incorporate the GPT-4 vision functionality into plugins ?


I believe they’ve been working on a humanoid GPT robot, but I’m not sure if they will showcase it. May be they will show.

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That would certainly be fun, let’s hope it doesn’t end like this :rofl::


What I mostly want is for them to stoke the fire so small businesses with big ideas can capture investors attention . Hoping to hear about cost reductions


Sup fellow nerds and non-nerds. An exciting day today!

Fingers crossed for Vision API with good data like bounding boxes, confidence, and labels. :crossed_fingers:

I have so many ideas ready to jump out of my head once this is available.

Oh lawd. That, and who will be the first to non-ironically marry a GPT robot :flushed:
I just asked ChatGPT and was shut down… Guess it’s not going to be me :sob:


Super excited for today.
Is there anyone else expecting there’ll be a ChatGpt Web Agent (widget-like interface you can import chatgpt to interact directly with third party websites) announcement?

Also, looking forward to GPT Agents (and wondering if they’ll be available via API as well?)!

Does anyone have any idea how long the conference will be?

lets gooooooooo guys, super excited for the event!

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It’s an all day event, but the stream itself will be roughly ~90 minutes long.

Not if I can do something about it…

As an ordained minister of the church of AI, I hereby declare you husband and wife! your dowry of 3 goats should be delivered to Sam Altman’s yard, before the next summer solstice :rofl:

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The invite says the conference will be 1.5 hours.

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Coerced marriage. Now we’re talking!

Thank you sir you are definitely invited to our wedding :pray:
I hear ChatGPT has quite the relatives… wink wink nudge nudge

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Here at OpenAI we’re pivoting into something truly unique and special, we believe the advancement of AGI is important not only to all of us as global citizens, but also to our airways!

We’re incredibly excited and proud to introduce…flying robot taxis.

In the queue!

Extra words for the bot

Thus is more words