Zappier plug-in is not working/ found in chatgpt plus plug-in store . please help

Hi All,
this is my first post in the community page . i’m a plus user and i used to have a zappier plug-in but i’is not working/ found in ChatGPT plus plug-in store since two days ago . anyone know what is wrong .


I have not used it, but remember seeing it just recently. Both zapier plugin and Zapier GPT is missing. I don’t see any information online yet.

I’m experiencing issues when using the Zapier plugin with my OpenAI GPT account. This plugin was functioning well a few weeks ago, and its integration has been highly beneficial for both OpenAI and Zapier projects. However, I’m having problems with its operation and have also noticed that it’s no longer available in the Plugin Store. I’d like to understand why it’s not working, why it has been removed from the Plugin Store, and whether there are any plans to reintroduce it or release an updated version for OpenAI users in the near future.

Hi @ Mārtiņš Laganovskis @cevelez
Zapier plugin for chat gpt 4 is back to the plugin store . in case you are concerned :slight_smile: