Are plugins no longer available?

With today’s new updates it looks like there’s no ability to enable a plugin. Is the plugin store officially done?

Haven’t heard any official word on this.

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There’s only a small blurb about it here:

Updated store process

The GPT marketplace will supersede the plugin store. As the GPT marketplace rolls out, we will have more to share.

Yes, it appears so. I posted the same question as you, simultaneously. I was just in the process of creating a GPTs, but the feature was rolled back.

I wish plugin store would stay available until the new marketplace rolls out so our brands & customers are not left in the wind. Some of us developers make plugins for clients. I had one such delivery scheduled today and what do I say now?


This is being handled unprofessionally. They absolutely should have kept the store running giving everyone time to get moved over. Hoping that this new GPTs thing is not dumbed down to the point where my personal plugins no longer work.


Did I lose access to plugin development, or can I not find it in the new UI?

Check again, it seems like the plugins are back.

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