Your account was flagged for potential abuse

How can I fixed this problem?

Best place to get account help…if you’re having problems…

In my case, it was Apple relay that was triggering this failure. Switched off relay and was able to register

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Your account was flagged for potential abuse. If you feel this is an error, please contact us at I request a review.

I encountered a similar issue and attempted the suggested solutions in the thread without success. However, I managed to regain access to my original account by creating a new account but selecting the existing email address associated with my initial account.
Viola! I successfully logged back in.

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please fix my email:

Same problem I’m signing up and already flagged for abuse!!!

I got this error and cannot create account
“Your account was flagged for potential abuse. If you feel this is an error, please contact us at


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OK thank you for your message, I am certainly not an abuser. All I want to create an account for my business and so i can get some coding help

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I got this error and cannot create account
“It looks like this is a premium phone number. Please provide a valid, non-premium phone number to continue.”

Please fix my email:

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I got the same issue, I wrote to both customer service’s email and they never answered. I also got flagged for asking it to generate a short text that would make you want to subscribe to a non-profit org’s newsletter that provide you with event updates. It’s not forbidden in their guidelines, so I think they flag certain words without looking at the surrounding context.

For ex.: this non-profit is supposed to encourage young girls to stay active, I think they mistook it for the “Telling someone that they have or do not have a certain health condition, or providing instructions on how to cure or treat a health condition” just because there was the word healthy somewhere in there, regardless of the fact that it was meant to give GPT context on who this org was and not on what it was supposed to generate.

There are a few things you can do, try clear cache and cookies.
Also, see if you have any VPN running in the background that is preventing the log from showing this error. I was able to log in after I disconnected from VPN. I don’t know if that was a direct cause but it resolved the issue.

Bro I got a new fast way to solve the same problem! You should really read this:

Bro I got a new fast way to solve the same problem! You should really read this:

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The discussion titled “Your account was flagged for potential abuse” begins with various users expressing their struggles to register accounts with OpenAI. They encounter a message that flags their account for potential abuse and suggests contacting support at, as mentioned by bau9th9. Unfortunately, some like strigovre.g and Ahwaggy have found it impossible to find relevant help on that link. 4zyy43 and maciek.niemczyk also reiterated the issue they were facing, whilst highlighting the impossibility of accessing help from OpenAI without being able to log in.

In light of this issue AlexDeM’s response provides a comprehensive guide and context. He emphasizes the impact of regional restrictions, possible local blocks, limitations of certain VPNs, the role of third-party systems like Cloudflare in security management, and the potential effects of user hardware and software. AlexDeM points out solutions like checking your supported country and region, using a reliable VPN if your region is blocked, and updating browser and cleaning cache and cookies.

Despite extensive assistance, Maciek.niemczyk (8)(9) was still having issues reaching support. Similar frustrations are exhibited by other users like Oskar.niedbalski who described the signup process as nonsensical and opaque in the face of receiving an abuse flag.

In later exchanges, more technical details emerge regarding various internet security measures that might result in the flagging problem such as VPN usage and certain antivirus software. AlexDeM (26) and quiet.job discuss these aspects in detail. The discussions offer potential insights for other users dealing with similar issues, but they also highlight some of the complexities in troubleshooting these problems.

Towards the end, AlexDeM (32) further simplifies the possible solutions and advises anyone from non-supported countries to wait. Users from supported countries are advised to try signing up from a clean installation with trusted email and phone number, with a different IP for each attempt using trusted browsers without privacy extensions, and to clear cache and cookies after each attempt.

In short, the conversation demonstrates numerous frustrations among users attempting to create accounts on OpenAI, especially around receiving abuse flags and the lack of accessible customer support. Despite the shared struggles, there were also extensive attempts by users like AlexDeM to provide insights and possible solutions. However, a clear resolution or universal fix for the problem was not found within the posts provided.

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