You should put an opt in option to detect the coolest prompt engineer

This is AI right and we’re already submitting our responses and stuff to help in everything you should make an option where we could opt in and then it will detect you know basically you know the professionalism of our prompt engineering skills as far as writing code and you know add it to database and compare the database with all the other people and then every month whoever is the coolest prompt engineer like it was the best prompt outputs the most code and stuff that person is held on high and congratulated and given a prize because the AI could totally analyze like how cool and how professional and how you know awesome you are at artificial intelligence stuff and then that person could be promoted to teach other people their skills and really help everybody out.

That’s an idea.

One way to identify great prompters would be to look at Custom GPTs, likely without actions, and then evaluate the user feedback over many conversations.

There is a little problem though and that’s measuring effectiveness across many trials. Take a look at this snippet from OpenAI’s prompt engineering guide:

If you want to know if a prompt really works then you have to run a massive amount of tests and via ChatGPT this is most often not possible. But of course you can achieve the goal of measuring using the evals framework, for example.

I think if you really want to make a dent on the prompt engineering world there is no other way than to find customers or developers who struggle to resolve complex issues and massively improve their workflows via prompting.

Using ChatGPT is not the greatest tool for the job.

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I appreciate the extra advice yeah that could be you know a real thing you could implement in your functionality to detect geniuses and help them find an even better place in the world…