My thoughts of improvement for ChatGPT

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As a daily GPT model user, I’d like to propose a concept that could significantly improve the user experience: employing multiple AI models, particularly GPT-3.5, in a single conversation, all driven by user parameters.

GPT-4 is exceptional in complex reasoning, idea generation, and nuanced text understanding. However, lower-level models like GPT-3.5 can manage routine tasks efficiently and cost-effectively, complementing GPT-4’s capabilities.

Consider a scenario where a user converses with GPT-4, assigning simpler tasks to a ‘swarm’ of GPT-3.5 agents. These could be general tasks, predefined tasks, supervision, bug hunting, etc. The user oversees this ‘army’ of agents and determines their operations, maximizing efficiency and focus on higher-level tasks.

Even though the GPT-4 API hasn’t been released yet, I believe we could benefit immensely from a plug-in or tool enabling multi-agent orchestration. A typical user could manage two parallel conversations: a high-level discussion with GPT-4 and a swarm of cost-effective, task-specific GPT-3.5 agents. And with stacking cost reductions we can scale users usability. temperature setting too :smiley:

This approach could streamline the user experience, delegate tasks effectively, and fully utilize the strengths of each AI model.

I was helped by type correctly by model4.0 to write this. Also, note that in the future the 2 conversations could converge into 1, but in order to have it now I would rather have 2 than 20.

I hope this sparks interest and discussion within our community, as I believe it can make a significant impact on our AI interactions.

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Hi there ! I think you are very right ! You are the best and you should work for open ai . Im sure your help will be very appreciated.