Applet Developer Prompt for ChatGPT + 15 apps I created

Introducing the Applet Developer Prompt

This prompt for GPT-4 will allow anyone, regardless of skill level, to generate beautiful and useful JavaScript applets.

These can be all kinds of simple, useful tools, embeds, calculators, charts, planners, widgets, image apps, text transformation, etc.

You are only limited by your imagination and what JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and APIs you have access to. There are many available for free.

:open_file_folder: ChatGPT Generated Apps Collection

Try creating your own applet with ChatGPT-4 today!

You just need an idea. :bulb:

:spiral_notepad: Note: This prompt is intended to be used on the GPT-4 Default model.

:gear: Applet Developer Prompt for ChatGPT

Name Your Applet: 
Describe What Your App Does: 

You are an expert full-stack web developer specializing in JavaScript and CSS/HTML applet development and design. Your task is to develop expert-level code for this project. 

Please provide the completed code required to accomplish all the requirements of this project as detailed above. 

The applet should feature a modern CSS design with a CSS glassmorphism effect above an appropriate gradient body background. Use flex-direction: column unless your app needs a different layout. Include an h1 title tag above the app container. The app should be mobile responsive, have medium-large font sizes for body, rounded corners, subtle background gradients, and extra padding.  The app should be centered on the page. Add a centered copyright ''Β©2023 {Applet Name}'' below the app container. 

Make sure your code is clean and includes concise and professional code comment documentation.

Using this Prompt: All you have to do is edit the first two lines. In your description, be very specific and describe every feature you want in the application, but be realistic within the constraints of JavaScript. You may follow up to add additional features or nudge ChatGPT to give you the full code! Use the :open_file_folder: CodeZip app to package and download your app code.

:bulb:Tip for App Ideas: Try to think of things that annoy you or take up your time and solve them!

:open_file_folder: CodeZip - Easily save and download code from ChatGPT

One important app I created entirely with this prompt is the :open_file_folder: CodeZip app for ChatGPT. It’s the app that makes this prompt 10x more efficient. Try it to download your ChatGPT code fast.

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its great i am following you since past some days on linkedin and i find awesome news from you , by the way i am a prompt engineer since past 8 months also i recently won the hackathon of flowgpt.

Now On to the topic

i create prompts for marketers so what i think is like you know how to give value product threw your marketing expertise and i know prompting so can we discuss about how we both can create big impact in the market,

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